Effects of substance abuse


Substance abuse problems have become a major issue to be looked into. It has created a lot of attention in the society. Many institutions have come up with great programs to help y people be aware of the effects of consuming such substances. It makes many individuals do a lot of campaign against this drug abuse. Most people who use this substance have health problems which are the major side effects of using drugs. Parents and guardians play a big role in shaping young people to get rid of it. Knowing the effects may help you shun away from taking this drugs. Below are the effects that are caused by these drugs.


2There are many diseases related to using drugs. Most substances are not good for human consumption. Such diseases include liver damage, heart attacks, increased infection, and brain damage. When you are unhealthy, you will not explore and meet your goals. Instead, you will focus on your health treatments that will consume your time and also money. It is healthy wise to avoid such substances for the benefit of your future. This adverse effect may grab your vision and you may end up with regrets. Some people even go beyond losing their eyesight.

Lead to addiction

The length of abuse will make you end up getting used to and the body will get resistant to it. Being addicted will not keep you fit. Your body will not stay without it. Addicts will be forced to take them before going to their normal duties otherwise they will do nothing with the assigned job. It has made them have that physical dependence upon drugs. Drugs addicts worsen their medical condition day by day.


Alcohol and smoking cigarettes may lead to mental disorders that bring about stress that affect the user psychologically. Using too much drug abuse not only affect the users but also the people around them. A lot of people have spent their time in drug abuse and wonder how they will come out of this sticky situation. They undergo a lot of stress that is not favorable for their health. It has also influenced many to come up with poor lifestyle and develop bad habits. You will never concentrate when you are stressed up. You may easily lose focus in life.

Unhealthy injuries

Drugs are harmful when used in excess. When the user drinks and drives, he/she may cause an accident. Accidents may cause even a permanent injury to the victim. It is therefore advisable to avoid consuming substance abuse when driving. Also when a user is not sober, there is a high chance of misbehaving by hurting others or even fighting the other users.


3Substance abuse problems affect the entire society. Making the awareness of the above negative effects will enable the drug users to make up their mind and do away with such toxic substances in their bodies despite these negative consequences it is our mandate too to take charge of our future. Have self-control towards this drug abuse. Consume what is healthy for your body. Choose to make your health a priority and you will enjoy and live a happy life.